Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CT Personal Trainer Meriden Waterbury

As a CT Personal Trainer or anyone, Practice Contribution!
Bill Yeager
There are certain needs that each human must have. I dove into so many others but one seems to get the least action but is in my opinion the most important, that is to contribute to others. We are not here on this planet alone for a reason, we all need each other to survive and improve, and it’s what life is about.
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, not being able to reach a specific personal training in CT goal? How bout any specific goal for that matter? One of the best ways to get to your goal is to surround yourself with positive and encouraging people; however, do you find these people hard to find? I’m sure. In fact, in this day in age it’s getting increasingly hard to find. Well you certainly can’t force people to encourage you, so what is the solution? I believe that helping, encouraging and contributing to others is the way to get it in return. I’m sure you’ve heard that you get what you give, right? Well, I believe it to be true.
This powerful principle and way of life is certainly not my own discovery, it’s been found in several books of religion, and self-help books published for years. To activate the power of encouragement unto yourself, you must first pay it forward. What I do is this, always focus on giving and creating value for others as you would like, and do it all the time. Find a personal trainer in CT. Do not just do it when you need something or it will backfire, that’s just selfish and the universe will know and pay it back to you in a negative way. I mean, ALWAYS create value for other people, and in most cases, you get it back in every area of your life at least 2+ times more than what you’ve given, as long as you’ve given it sincerely. Don’t even think about or wait for your return, it will come to you automatically.
As a personal trainer I’ve had a great opportunity to communicate with people all over the world. Because I live in CT and I’ve helped support people over the years, they encourage me as well. It definitely gives me the added edge to keep my goals in check. These people don’t know it but they are actually my coaches as well. See how that works, when you give, you receive so much more. Just like with any new strategy or way of life to begin you will just need some practice, so that the 1st step, practice helping and giving to others. Now that doesn’t sound so hard, does it? It’s really not!
The next thing to do is to begin just giving out some compliments to others. You should start out with maybe about 2 per day. Go ahead and identify something special about a couple people around you today and point it out to them. I’m sure you will get some instant feedback and feel darn good about it too. Go to your personal trainer in CT to get the answers you need.
Another great way to contribute in CT is monetarily, and I certainly don’t mean breaking the bank. Find a worthwhile cause that is donation based that you truly believe in and get involved with both monetary contributions and donating time as well. I personally am very involved in CT with the organization of donating turkeys and food every year during thanksgiving to families who can not afford it themselves. We’ve donated well over 100 turkeys and fed a lot of families over the last 2 years alone. And call me selfish, but I do it because it just feels good. It’s an amazing feeling to help others, even if you don’t get anything in return! Again, I’m not saying you have to break the bank doing it, but if you get more people involved you can collectively make a huge difference in people lives. As a personal trainer it means everything to me to do so.
I know as you practice these easy techniques it will change the quality of your life and others forever. If you have feel the need for a personal trainer please contact our facility. We help others around the world so no matter where you are located you can find one of our personal trainers in ct anywhere nearby!